William Yurek, JD, CCIPS, CCI

BillYWilliam Yurek is the founder and president of Inspired Hacking Solutions, LLC (IHS).  He has over 28 years of experience as an Investigator, Attorney / Prosecutor, and Critical Infrastructure Protection Specialist.  He has worked in all areas of investigation and prosecution at the state and federal levels, including administrative, criminal, terrorism and counterintelligence investigations and prosecutions.  Since 1997, he has specialized in personal and network cyber security, cybercrime investigation and forensics, cyber policy, incident response, training and security awareness.  IHS works alone or in concert with associated companies and specialists to meet the many challenges of a modern, interconnected cyber society.

Mr. Yurek is a magna cum laude graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and the United States Air Force Academy, and received his Infrastructure Protection certification from Texas A&M University.  He is an honors graduate of U.S. Air Force Squadron Officer School and a graduate of Air Command and Staff College.


Mr. Yurek’s experience covers the breadth of cyber, legal, investigative and security issues and challenges.  His prior positions include:

  • Director –  Cyber Intrusions Investigations Program, Department of Defense
  • Professor, Norwich University College of Graduate and Continuing Studies
  • Staff of several federal and interagency task forces and centers
  • Member of federal working groups and committees
  • Commander of Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) units worldwide
  •  Staff of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3)