Solving IT security, training, and response needs across the spectrum of business operations, Inspired Hacking Solutions, LLC provides services organizations of all types and sizes. We offer governance, compliance and risk management strategies in alignment with the latest NIST standards, development and fine tuning of policies, plans and procedures, and cybersecurity training for officers, managers and employees. Cybersecurity is more than just compliance with a set of government standards; it requires a commitment on the part of the entire organization to protect information and data through the establishment and maintenance of a culture of security. Increasingly, thought leaders agree that good Cybersecurity requires leadership from top executives and should be integrated with good physical security practices as well. Inspired Hacking Solutions has a broad spectrum of security specialists on call to work on whatever needs you or your company have.

We can also offer managed security services, where we package together a suite of cybersecurity capabilities for you for one affordable monthly fee.

You can download our capabilities statement here:  IHS Capabilities Statement

Inspired Hacking Solutions will never take your business unless we can do the job. We have a stable of skilled professionals we can call upon to meet your needs, but if we can’t do so we would rather refer you to another company than provide less than stellar service.

Download the IHS Article About Small Business Cybersecurity here:  Cybersecurity in the Small Business

Inspired Hacking Solutions is a Veteran-owned company

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